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My passion is to help couples and individuals become happier in their relationships.  I'm in heaven when I can help a couple save their marriage then we see happy kids because now they have happy parents.  Or helping someone find and change their limiting beliefs that were holding them back in life.  

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My Pledge to You - My Clients

I will ALWAYS have your back.  I am on your side.  I will ALWAYS tell you the truth in a loving and sincere way.

As a Strategic Intervention coach I am trained to help you discover and build on your strengths.  

We will find answers to your questions.  Help you discover the REAL you.  

Get you wherever it is you want to go and Achieve your goals.

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Relationship Coach in North Dallas

Life Coach in North Dallas

Coaching is better than couples counseling because we can have FUN!

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Relationship Coach in North Dallas

Life Coach in North Dallas

Coaching is better than couples counseling because we can have FUN!

CoachLisa60@gmail.com (214) 560-3115

Sessions are available at these locations: ONE ALLEN CENTER 700 Central Expy S, Suite 400 Allen, TX 75013 TWO TURTLE CREEK 3838 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite 1000 Dallas, TX 75219 HALL OFFICE PARK 2591 Dallas Parkway, Suite 300 Frisco, TX 75034

My Oath

The Strategic Intervention Coach's Oath

  • Seek the truth
  • Find everyone fascinating
  • Allow yourself the honor of humility
  • Know that every person has a support system
  • Help them to improve theirs
  • Do no harm
  • Be the bridge, the elevator and the translator when needed
  • Wear a Sherlock Holmes hat
  • Be yourself first and always
  • Use any and all concepts to help
  • All ideas, modes, and traditions are welcome and of use to you
  • Allow flow and creativity to set you free
  • Let pause, silence and refection give you strength
  • Treasure the individual
  • Be uniqueness unfolding
  • Contact the inner voice and then invite it to converse
  • Create actions which empower change
  • Find roads not taken and explore these
  • Embrace your own doubts and difficult emotions
  • Listen and attune
  • Let purpose lead the way
  • Create strength in doing
  • Use actions in the real world whenever possible
  • Honor love in all its forms
  • Look for the meaning beneath communications
  • Accept what is and embrace what could be
  • Explore decisions from the past as opportunities today
  • Give voice to the parts of self in hiding
  • See possibility everywhere