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Details about lisa

Half Farmer's daughter - Half mountain girl

It is a 60+ year long story how I went from Farmer's daughter - Mountain girl to Relationship Coach.  Through these years of life I've enjoyed love and adventure but suffered disappointments, heart breaks, loss and total brokenness.  My Dad is from a large Texas farming family and my Mom was a mountain girl from Washington.  About every 6 years we moved back or forth between the 2 home states.  For a shy introvert this created baggage I would carry around for years.  

I discovered and let go of most of that baggage when I started to study with Strategic Intervention coaching.  I was taught many strategies and these tools work.  I can say that from personal experience.  I've discovered and changed limiting beliefs that were holding me back in ways I would have never discovered on my own.  I discovered I was still living in modes of being that were no longer true for my life.  I found strengths I didn't know I had and applied them to areas of my life I didn't know I could add more strength.  SI coaching helped me to finally find my true authentic self.  I finally felt like that ugly caterpillar who had transformed in the butterfly.


Coaching Credentials

Practitioner of Excellence Certification - July 2018 Live training by The Center  for Strategic Intervention founders Mark & Magali Peysha

Advanced Level SI Coach Certification at Elite live training November 2018.

Advanced Relationship Coach Certification - January 2019

The Center for Strategic Intervention

Master's Coaching Course studies

Graduation expected Spring 2019.